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New Windows and Doors can Make all the Difference

By Gates Dearen

Most Americans are frugal, so of course, they don’t want to spend money needlessly, especially when it comes to their homes.  Unfortunately, what many homeowners don’t realize is that one of the things that can rob them blind are their old windows and doors. 

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If your home is more than 20-years old, your old windows and doors could be stealing your home’s energy efficiency.  That’s right; those old drafty windows make your home’s heating and air conditioning system run overtime.  This not only adds up every month when you receive your utility bill, but it can also shorten the life of your HVAC system. 

It isn’t all that unusual for our customers to report energy savings of 20 to 30% and more once we complete the installation process.  This means that not only will you and yours be more comfortable all year around, but the upgrades will actually pay for themselves over time.  The bottom line is that one way or another, living with old windows is going to cost you money.  The decision you need to make is how much you are going to pay and what you are going to have to show for your money.  Keeping old windows can prove to be very costly in more ways than one.

Aside from allowing in light while keeping the elements at bay, modern windows can also shield your home from the damaging effects of UV rays.  If you notice your furniture and carpeting has been fading, the culprits are your windows.  Modern Low-E glass can stop the Sun’s rays from beating down on your furnishings.

Enhance Curb Appeal

As they say, “Eye appeal is buy appeal.”  If you are looking to sell your home, one of the best investments you can make is to upgrade your windows and doors.  Aside from giving your house far more curb appeal, the investment is one that won’t break the bank.  Whereas a typical kitchen remodeling can cost $30,000-$50,000, replacing all your home’s windows and doors will only cost a fraction of that. 

Real Estate experts state that spending money for other high-ticket items, like additions or swimming pools really don’t add all that much to the resale value of a house.  A report by Fox News sums it up best:
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“While luxury items like granite countertops and new floors might be nice, security is often the first concern for home buyers.  A steel-reinforced front door can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, but you’ll make back nearly 100% of that when it comes time to sell your home.  Not only will this change add a sense of security to the home, but you’ll also be making a great first impression.”

As an added incentive, you get to enjoy the benefits that new windows and doors can bring, which amount to much more than merely pride of ownership. 

Augment Home Security

We read about residential break-ins, burglaries and home invasions every day.  What the headlines fail to mention is that these houses weren’t chosen at random.  They were carefully selected from hundreds of other potential targets.  What makes one home more likely to wind up being broken into than the next?  Ease of entry.  One of the most important factors to preventing a break-in, is it more difficult for intruders to jimmy doors or windows. 

Sure, you can have a burglar alarm installed.  But burglar alarms only work once the thieves are in your home.  They don’t prevent the crooks from breaking in.  Today’s replacement windows and doors come equipped with many security enhancements that make it difficult for a thief to gain access to your home.

According to the FBI, a burglary occurs in the U.S. every 14.4 seconds.  If you want to avoid becoming a statistic, invite a window replacement specialist to inspect your windows and doors.

Stormy Weather

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Another factor that most homeowners fail to appreciate until it is too late, is the cost that wind and weather can cause when storm season arrives.  Living in Florida means we not only have to deal with thunderstorms on an almost daily basis during the long summer, but we can also expect the occasional hurricane.  When you consider the high deductibles that insurance companies levy on Florida homeowners for hurricane damage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Installing impact windows might cost a bit more, but think of how much it would cost to replace your furnishings, carpeting, and drywall if a window blows out during a storm or hurricane.  Impact windows draw their strength from having a poly material sandwiched between two panes of glass.  This means even if they should sustain a direct hit by windblown debris, they will provide considerably more protection from wind and weather.

In short, while frugality is an admirable trait, you need to weigh all the factors to best decide how to save money.  If you would like to weigh the pros and cons of replacing your windows and/or doors with modern energy-efficient, security-enabled models, give us a call.  Your wallet will thank you.

At HomeRite Windows and Doors, we happily provide experienced advice, and a wide variety of products to satisfy virtually every situation and budget. Bring your needs and imagination to HomeRite, and we will be sure to satisfy your functional criteria and visual  expectations.

HomeRite is a window and door dealer that specializes in energy efficient, quality products with warranties and service to match. The company has been in business since 2005. HomeRite is partnered with a manufacturer that has been producing high-quality products and providing excellent customer service for over 60 years. Windows and doors from HomeRite are some of the highest quality, most thermally efficient windows and doors on the market.

HomeRite products add substantial value to their clients’ properties. HomeRite is a member of the United States Green Building Council, a non-profit organization comprised of leaders across the industry working to advance environmentally responsible buildings.

Gates Dearen is the co-owner of HomeRite Windows and Doors in Jacksonville, FloridaHe and Richard Walden have been serving the building products industry in Florida for over 25 years. They strive to match homeowners with the right windows and doors for their homes and budgets. They make the home improvement process pleasant with first-rate, energy-efficient products, affordable pricing, and award-winning installers who employ the best practices and who always treat customers and their property with the utmost respect.

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