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How New Windows Can Make Winter a Pleasure

Courtesy of Pixabay
By Gates Dearen

With winter being just around the corner, I thought I would take the time to tell you what you need to do to keep Jack Frost at bay.  When it comes to keeping your home warm and snug when it’s cold outside, your home’s first line of defense is its windows.  That being said, if your house was built 20 or more years ago, this is also the place that is the path of least resistance for winter to get an icy grip.

Windows are not like wine. They don’t improve with age.  As the years go by, the environment takes its toll on windows.  Everything from windowpanes to sills and weather stripping slowly but surely gets eroded by wind and weather.  If you find that you frequently need to apply paint, putty, and caulk to keep out drafts, it’s time to think about replacing your windows.