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Fall Back to Basic Window and Door Care

By Gates Dearen
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Now that the dog days of summer are just about over in Florida, it’s a great time to assess the condition of your windows and doors.  Even if your windows and doors are relatively new, they are not bulletproof. This should be all too apparent for those of you who weathered Hurricane Irma recently.  Wind and weather can take their toll on windows and doors, just like they do on your home’s roof.   With Fall being just around the corner, these tips will help you get a jump on the season before Winter arrives.

What is the Best Time of Year to Upgrade Your Windows?

By Gates Dearen

While most people realize that old windows reduce the curb appeal and energy efficiency of a home, they rarely know when is the best time of year to upgrade their windows.

Putting the Sizzle in the Season

Courtesy of Flickr
When it comes to hot weather, Florida Summers can really put on the sizzle. During July and August, the temperatures rarely go below 90 degrees. There is also a real possibility of afternoon thunderstorms nearly every day.  From a professional window installer’s perspective, while some like it hot, you don’t want it to be too hot.  The reasons are varied.  In the first place, while caulk adheres more readily in warm weather, once the temperature exceeds 80 degrees, caulk has trouble curing in extreme heat.  Even replacement windows themselves made of either vinyl or aluminum have a tendency to expand in hot weather.  This makes installation problematic in the afternoon when solar heating reaches its maximum.