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Decoding Window Labels

Courtesy of City of Roseville CA.
By Gates Dearen
If you have been considering upgrading your home’s windows, you may have noticed that there are a great variety of replacement window options.  Perhaps you have taken the time to visit the showroom of a company that specializes in replacement windows.  If you did, one of the first things you probably noticed is that every window you were shown had a label affixed to it containing information about U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Visible Transmittance.  The label might as well have been written in hieroglyphics for all the good it did you.  As a result, you may have left the showroom more confused about replacement windows than you were before you set foot in the store.  To help you navigate your way to choosing the right windows for your home, I have taken the time to help you decode the information presented on window labels.