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What are Your Windows and Doors Trying to Tell You?

By Gates Dearen
Courtesy of PxHere

If you ask most homeowners, they’ll tell you that their homes have a distinct personality.  Some homes seem to have a sunny disposition that feels light and airy the moment you walk in.  Others seem to get a bit cranky during the dog days of summer.  Maybe your house is trying to tell you something.  The components that make up your home can sometimes seem to cry out for attention, like the noise your air handler makes if forget to change the filter every month or so.  Believe it or not, windows and doors have something to say from time to time too.  And you’d better listen, since turning a deaf ear to what they’re trying to tell you, can cost you money in the long run.

Making the Case for Casement Windows

By Gates Dearen
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If you’ve been shopping for replacement windows, you quickly realize there are many different styles from which to choose.  While some homeowners simply want to swap out their existing windows with traditional single or double-hung windows, before you make that decision, I wanted to take the time to tell you about another style of window you may wish to consider called casement windows.  These windows have a vertical hinge on the side that cranks open either inward or outward like a door, as opposed to sliding open vertically. 

Does Your Home Need Some New Year’s Resolutions?

By Gates Dearen
Courtesy of Flickr

When it comes to getting off on the right foot in the new year, many people make a list of resolutions that are designed to help us improve ourselves.  Whether you’re committed to losing a little weight, exercising more often, just eating better or upgrading your lifestyle, chances are you made a list of new year’s resolutions to which you plan to adhere..  While new year’s resolutions are a great way to remind yourself to make a conscious effort to improve your life, the hardest part is sticking to them.