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A Crash Course on Replacement Windows

By Gates Dearen
Courtesy of Pixabay

While most people understand that old, worn out windows reduce the energy efficiency of a home, what they usually don’t realize, is that it’s a bigger deal than they think.  That’s because close to 50% of a home utility bill is derived from heating and cooling alone.  Another thing most homeowners don’t realize is that worn out windows are a magnet for burglars since they are child’s play to jimmy.  Of course, even when you factor your family’s comfort and safety into the equation, many consumers still find themselves sitting on the fence when it comes to taking the plunge to replace their home’s windows.  That’s largely due to the fact that like kids in a candy store, there are tons of window options to choose from nowadays. If this is what’s bothering you, read on as I take you through a crash course on window replacement.