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By Gates Dearen

Glass is glass right? Wrong.  Like many other things, today’s technology has allowed glass to evolve. The glass making process has advanced far beyond what it was 20 years ago. There are several new glass making processes today along with different  grades, types and styles as well. I thought not only would this be interesting information to share but also educational. If you have been thinking about replacing your windows. The information I’m providing will give you a helping hand on what will be the best type and style of window or window’s for your home. You may even gather some new ideas and colors for the opening’s where your existing windows are now. Let’s explore this shall we!

 Modern Technology creates Modern Glass

As I mentioned the processing of glass and the modern technology that goes into it has become very advanced. Such as creating ‘Float Glass’.  Float glass is created  by processing molten glass that flows through a tweel and into a tin bath and lehr. As it floats through molten tin and with the help of gravity the glass becomes smooth on both sides. The benefit of this is that it allows a high level of light transmittance while at the same time absorbing excess heat and ultraviolet radiation. This creates an invisible wall of insulation. This will allow you to save money on your energy bill and improve the appearance of your home.

Why Consider Low E-Glass.

Double insulated Low-E glass
Double insulated Low-E glass (Photo credit: johnclarkemills)
A lot is said about Low E-Glass and how it saves energy cost so I recommend purchasing Low E-Glass for most homes. Not all Low E-glass is created equal. What you want with Low E-Glass is a glass that allows the maximum amount of visible light to shine through the glass while at the same time keeping the heat out.
I Like a product that is manufactured for where I live, (warmer climates like Florida). It is called “ClimaGuard 55/27”.  This type of Low E-Glass allows 55% of all visible light through but prevent 73% all heat from coming through. In Florida, we don’t have extremely cold winters and this product's cold insulation properties exceed our needs. In fact it works better than most double pane windows on the market. However our warmer months can really make the Air conditioning system work hard if you can’t keep the heat out. So in essences this type of Low E-Glass is perfect. It keeps you warm in the winter and then really helps keep the house cool in the summer while also allowing more natural light into our homes.

Window styles

There are so many different styles of windows to choose from. Wither it be a single hung, double hung, a slider, side by side or even a round or diamond shaped window. Let your creative juices flow. Most window companies today can and will manufacture a custom made window to your ideas and dime
Cover of
Cover via Amazon
nsions. Really think about it, is there a better way for your house to stand out? Isn’t this a great way to create uniqueness and display your home in a completely different style? Wouldn’t this completely change the look of your home? Keep in mind this will only improve the value of your home. It will definitely increase the value of what for most families, is the biggest investment of their lives.


In this article I have discussed how windows glass has evolved into a modern enhancement for our homes. I discussed the importance of choosing Low E-Glass for your windows  and how custom windows are now more affordable than ever. I hope that you have found this interesting and educational. Mostly I hope I have stimulated your imagination. If you have been thinking of replacing some windows or adding a custom window, or you just want a different look for your home, upgrading your  windows is the way to go. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. If you liked it, leave us a comment and share it with your friends. If you have other ideas, please leave those too. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Gates Dearen is the co-owner of HomeRite Windows and Door in Jacksonville Florida.  Owners Gates Dearen and Richard Walden have been serving the buildingproducts industry in Florida for over 25 years. They know the products, the industry, the market and what adds great value to a home. “Their approach is a little different. They aresimply looking to match the home owner with the right windows for their home and   budget. Home improvements are enough of a hassle – we’re here to make life easier with first-rate, energy efficient products, affordable prices, installers that know best practices and respect of your home.

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  1. Glass is one of those everyday things we all take for granted...until the wind starts blowing and the rain starts falling.

  2. I want the glass windows from Blade runner that automatically darken upon command.